St Cuthbert's Church

Who we are

Church St.Cuthbert's is an alive and growing Anglican church, in the Diocese of Port Elizabeth. We currently have a small full-time staff consisting of our Rector or Priest, with the assistance of a Curate, a Lay Pastor in charge of Pastoral Caring, and a Secretary.

The staff is backed up by two self-supporting priests, a church council that assists with the day-to-day running of the church, with portfolios like Finance, Fund-raising, Community Service, Social, Plant and Fabric, and more.

Our staff is supported by a vast number of church members who assist with tasks ranging from running Bible Study (or cell, or house church) groups, to heading up ministries at the church (e.g. the Healing and Prayer Group, the Intercessory Prayer Group, the Art & Craft Workparty, the Music and Worship Group, the Choir, and many more).

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