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St. Cuthbert's has been going since 1884, and we are still going strong.  We are a church, rich in history, blessed with uniqueness.  We have, at St. C's, a very rare combination of old and new worship styles.  These function in close relationship, and love, with each other, each celebrated in the full glory that they are intended to have.  We are aiming to serve people in our traditional and our lively contemporary services alike, without preference, or prejudice.

Although we may not be the biggest, or the best equipped, you'll find an attitude at "St.C's" (as we like to call it) that is very accommodating and accepting.



"Seeking to love God's people back to Him, following the example of Christ, growing them in the power of the Holy Spirit."

In order to achieve this vision as a church we are committed to:

1. Compassionate Outreach

To achieve this we will invest in resources, gather and donate items and share Human Resource expertise with identified organisations that are involved in outreaches within our community. These include Maranatha Mission (Street Children, Battered Woman/Children), HIV/Aids orphans mission (Families affected by loss of Parents to AIDS), Care Haven (Psychiatric Patients) and Bushel Basket (Food parcels & clothing for Indigent Families)

2. Relevant Worship across age groups

To achieve this we will meet the needs of our faith community with relevant worship across the age groups and catering for the wide-range of church worship experience within our parish.

These include:
 8:00am service: (Organ-led Choir, South African Prayer Book)
 9:30am service: (Music Group, Anglican Prayer Book, Children's Church, Youth Church)
 6:00pm service: Quiet reflective service
  10:00am Friday (Said Service, SAPB)

3. Being a Faith Family

To achieve this sense of "family" we will look after the Spiritual and Day-to-Day needs of our people through ongoing Pastoral Care (utilising an Area Wardens system), Cell Group Ministry, Get Togethers and other Fellowship Encounters. This is over an above the ongoing need for life stage (baptism, marriage, bereavement etc) and crisis counselling.

4. Dynamic Spirituality

To achieve this St Cuthbert's needs to be a community that caters for the spiritual growth towards ongoing discipleship for those who have been baptised and confirmed as well as those termed "seekers". This means encouraging further growth through regular prayer, teachings, programmes, spiritual direction, outreach missions and retreats. Included in this are: the , The Emmaus Walk, Men's Fellowship, Prayer Ministry etc.

5. Management and Administration Integrity

To achieve this the management and good stewardship of the buildings, funds, resources and personnel of the church will be conducted with utmost integrity. This includes honouring the time, talent and treasure that individuals and businesses tithe to the church. Recognising, too, the responsibility that comes with that in terms of Diocesan commitments. All financial statements are to be audited.

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